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H A Howe is a writer and lyricist. She lives in Surrey, England. Many of her songs have been published in 29 countries worldwide. A small selection of her lyrics can be found on this website. She has also written various plays, two of which are published in her book More Thorns Than Roses. One of her earlier plays has been translated into French and German and the performance rights have been licensed for production in three countries, and it is being developed as a feature film. She has already published two short story collections, and is now working on a new historical play, a third collection of short stories and her first full length novel

Publisher: Victory Entertainment Ltd, 54 Lancaster Road, London N4 4PR

Tel: 020 7263 1795, Email: victoryentertainment@btconnect.com

More Thorns Than Roses was published in March 2016


This is a new collection of fictional stories dealing with fears and tragedies. Often interwoven with a humorous thread, they also highlight the darker side of life. I believe that short stories should be able to captivate the reader just as much as longer novels.


As John Nathan ( journalist for The Times, The Independent and The Jewish Chronicle) said in his review - "Short stories doesn't quite say it. H A Howe's tales of misadventure are as brief as a moment and as fully formed as a thriller."


The book has already had some very positive reviews and press coverage. Also please check out the article on the Female First web site




At 227 pages, the book contains 16 short stories and 2 plays.


It is available as an ebook on Amazon and all ebook providers, as well as in paperback in selected bookshops.